How much does a translation cost?

We calculate translation prices as follows:

  • Length: Number of lines (55 characters/line) or words
  • Target language
  • Level of difficulty/specialist area: How demanding the text is for the translator

These services are included in the price:

  • Text processing using one of our CAT tools e.g. Trados Studio
  • Calculation of costs and mailing of a clear and straightforward quote
  • Selection and assignment of the translator for the specialist field
  • Revision of the final translation by a second specialist translator (Four-Eyes-Principle)
  • If required, specialist monolingual revision, followed by proofreading services in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1700 as an extra service
  • Delivery of the translation to the customer
  • Entry of the translation and terminology into the customer-specific translation memory for use in future projects
Special rates

When it comes to major projects, we're no stranger to special rates. Repetitions in a text or texts (several projects) with the same content, can be calculated with up to 50% off, thanks to our translation memory systems.

For prices and price categories based on your project and the target language(s) required, please contact us via the request form.

Request a quote

Request a quote

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