Quality management

Proven translation quality for your global image

High-quality translations are our number one priority. That's why we only use trusted and proven translation processes.


For example:


Informationen zum Land & Text

Let us know the country for which the translation is required, e.g. United Kingdom or USA for English, Portugal or Brazil or another target country for Portuguese etc.

If possible, please provide us with reference texts or glossaries in the language to be translated, so that we can use specialist terminology correctly.


Professional translation

Your texts are always translated by a professional language specialist.


Revision of translation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100

Step 1: Review by original translator
He/she checks his/her translation for accurate content, as well as for spelling, consistency of technical terms and layout, such as font style, underlining and bullet points.

Step 2: Revision
A second specialist translator checks the translation. According to the quality standard DIN EN ISO 17100, the revision is "a bilingual comparison of the content in the target language with the content in the source language in terms of the text's suitability for its intended use", also known as the 'Four-Eyes Principle'.

Step 3: Optional
Specialist proofreading services: Monolingual proofreading of the target text is carried out by an (external) specialist, followed by final editing by us.